New Year's Resolutions 2017

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První měsíc roku 2017 je za námi a já po měsíčním zpoždění konečně přicházím s videem plným předsevzetí. Tak jako loni jsem se i letos rozhodla ho natočit formou 2 částí z nichž první je ohlédnutí se za těmi, které jsem si dala pro rok 2016 a ta druhá předsevzetí pro rok 2017. To by k úvodu stačilo a zbytek nechám na videu :)

First month of 2017 is gone and finally, with one month delay, I'm here with brand new article full of resolutions. Before I share my list of resolutions for 2017 with you, let's look back at how successful or unsuccessful I was in 2016

1. I will successfully finish high school and get into university.
Yes, I did finish high school and surprisingly with really good grades on finals and also, I did get into university, but unfortunately for school year 2017/2018. However, I knew about my acceptance since the second half of December, so I can say, in the end, I was successful.

2. I will have the most amazing summer with all plans I've made.
Yes, I did have the most amazing summer, but not really with all plans I'd made. However, I really enjoyed every part of it including days spent in bed with TV controller my hand.

3. I will stop being afraid of changes.
I think I'm still afraid of changes and I'll always be, but 2016 was full of moments when I decided not to run away, just because I was scared. I cut my hair, moved to England, sent application to university and asked guy for his number (this one's the scariest for me).

4. I will be working out regularly and writing down everything I eat.
There were moments when I really was determined, but then there were several things that made me anything, but determined. And that's how it usually is. I am really into everything, something happens, I feel down and unmotivated, I feel energized again, something happens and so on.

5. I will not have any resolutions that include losing weight or not being afraid of wearing whatever I want to. 

6. I will find part time job for summer and for the rest of 2016.
Yes and yes.

7. I will donate via Toms, Unicef or such type of organisation.
Yes. In December, I ordered new black Toms and I can't wait to wear them. Summer, festivals.. where are you?

8. I will buy and read every single book from my book wishlist.
Unfortunately no and I'm pissed. It's such a shame that I don't read as much as I would like to. I enjoy reading and I should've found time to read.

And now it's time to make new resolutions. Here we go..

1. I will read more. 
No excuses. There's always spare hour I can spend reading. 

2. I will finally decide what to do in future.
Even though future may be scary and stressful, it's time to finally make a plan.

3. I will put more effort into blogging. 
I'm not saying I'll publish articles more often or regularly, but I'll try posting better content with better photographs and also, try communicating with readers much more, because after all, readers are the reason why I'm still doing what I'm doing.

4. Every day, I will say something nice about myself.
This is something everyone should do. It's not difficult to say something nice about someone else, but for some reason it's when it comes to us.

5. I will donate via Toms, Unicef or such type of organisation.

6. I will workout regularly and at least once go to gym.
Yes, again.. typical 'new year new me' type of resolution. Hopefully, I'll stick to this resolution for much longer time.

7. I will focus on myself more.
There were times when I was doing things just to make OTHERS happy. This year, I would like to focus on my own happiness. After all, it's my life and it's important that I'm happy. It may sound selfish, but I can't still think about others. No matter how hard it's, I should learn how to say no.

8. Drink more water.

And that's the whole list. Wish me good luck, because 12 months (now 11) is a really long time and a lot of things can go wrong. However, no matter what, it's important to learn from mistakes and keep your head up. What about you? Do you make resolutions or not? Tell me in comments :)


  1. Já kdybych si dala cvičící předsevzetí tak vím už teď , že no nesplním. Kdysi jsem si předzevzetí fakt psala na seznam, ale to už dneska nedělám. Spíš si tak řeknu co bych chtěla. Letos je to třeba mimo jiné navštívit, své happy places, což jsou prostě místa, kde na nic nemyslím a jsem tam neskutečně happy ;) každopádně předsevzetí zaměřit se na sebe je super, a přeju ti hodně štěstí s rozhodováním ohledně Anglické VŠ a hlavně by ses rozhodla správně ;)

    1. Já ti přeji hodně štěstí při plnění "předsevzetí nepředsevzetí" :)
      Návštěva happy places zní moc dobře a určitě něco takového také zkusím. Děkuji moc :)


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