10 Things I Love: Autumn

Zdravím všechny. Dnes jsem si pro Vás po dlouhé době připravila video. Jsem naprostý milovník podzimu a zimy a pokaždé, když se to někdo dozví, ptá se mě proč. Tak tady máte odpověď hned v 10 bodech. A jak jste na tom Vy s těmito ročními obdobími?

Hello everybody. Today I want to share my "10 Things I love: Autumn Version" video with you. Sadly, it is in czech and you probably won't understand a word. But don't worry, there's a list of all things I mentioned in video. You just have to click on "Keep reading". 
1st: It's getting cold outside and finally, I am not sweat all the time. That's amazing, because when I am sweat I have really annoying rush and it is really wonderful to look like a tomato, right?
2nd: There's nothing better than smell after a big rain or falling asleep when a storm is outside. 
3rd: I love days, when I take my blanket, a big cup of tea and just watch some movie. I highly recommend Harry Potter. If it's raining, it has such a good atmosphere. HP fans, you know what I am talking about.
4th: Everything is more colourful and I really enjoy taking photographs of nature or city. They look amazing even without any filter. In fact, taking photographs in autumn is my favourite thing to do.
5th: Pumkin and cinamon everywhere. Every year, I am so excited for Pupkin Spiced Latte. And cinamon? I can't even describe how I love the smell of cinamon. 
6th: Christmas are coming to town. I don't have to say anything, because who is not excited? Nobody? I knew it!
7th: There is still a lot of time to buy Christmas gifts. I know a lot of people like to go shopping one day before Christmas Eve.. not me, I have my gifts since August, but you can be calm, be cause you don't have to go shopping yet.
8th: I love travelling home (by train, tram or bus) in a dark and in autumn, I don't have to travel really late, because dark is sooner.
9th: I can take long, hot baths. Hot baths, hot tea.. Again, in summer, even thinking about hot bath made me sweat.
10th: In autumn, I visited Paris and Berlin and I have a lot of perfect memories connected to it. Sometimes, I just look at colourful leaves on the ground and I remember my trips and it makes me so, so, so happy. 

And what about you? What do you like about autumn the most? :) 


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